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Music Lessons - Recent Testimonials

We were delighted by the news that XXX had received a music award, news tempered by the fact that she tells me you do not teach at SHS but only SJS and SS. Is that right? If so, we are all disappointed!

(by e-mail, January 2013)

We just wanted to thank you for your help and extra lessons you gave XXX in preparation for the Music Scholarship auditions.  He has been awarded a Music Award so needless to say he is a very happy chap  -  As are we!

(by e-mail, January 2013)


(July 2011)

thx_jh_may_2011_25% (May 2011)

XXX got the music scholarship. Thanks for your help (by text, 3rd Dec 2009)

Hi Fergus
We have just heard that XXXXXX has been awarded the choristership! He (and we) are thrilled. Many thanks for your assistance in preparing him for the audition. Have a good christmas.
Regards (by e-mail, 16th Dec 2009)

Hi sir,
It's XXX - Glad your practice went well. I received my letter saying I got into the National Youth Choir yesterday! (by e-mail, 22nd Dec 2009)

“XXXXX got the letter offering a place in the National Youth Training Choir” (conversation 23rd Dec 2009)

(July 2009)

(June 2009