Fergus Black

music teacher and performer


2006 Student Concert

4.00 p.m. on 18th June
given by students of Fergus Black
at St. John's Church(by kind permission)

14 year-old boy
Tuba Tune by C S Lang
Penguins' Playtime by Nigel Ogdon

Piano Duet
12 and 13 year-old girls
Tea for Two & Country Gardens arr. Mike Cornick

10 year-old girl
Reflection (from Mulan) by Matthew Wilder
17 year-old boy
Sonntag by Brahms
10 year-old girl
The Birds’ Lament by Richard Rodney Bennett
11 year-old girl
Clock-a-Clay by Richard Rodney Bennett

Vocal duet
10 and 11 year-old girls
Sweet Kate by Robert Jones
13 year-old boy
Minuet by Wilton
12 year-old girl
Blues in Two & Ragtime by Cornick
12 year-old boy
To A Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell
16 year-old boy
Fur Elise by Beethoven

17 year-old boy
All' Offertorio by Zipoli

13 year-old girl
Hero by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff
13 year-old girl
Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken

13 year-old girl
Definitely Blue by Mike Cornick
Humoresque by Dvorak
12 year-old girl
January (The Seasons) by Tchaikovsky
14 year-old girl
Impromptu D. 899 No. 2 by Schubert

19 year-old girl
Der Schmied by Brahms
A Grateful Heart by Mary Plumstead
I Cain't Say No by Richard Rodgers
17 year-old boy
When you give your heart away (from Gepetto) by Stephen Schwartz

Participants in the Student Concert 2006

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