Fergus Black

music teacher and performer



This map shows the location of Fergus Black's music studio in Peterborough, together with the locations of students who study privately with him in March 2013.

Many Students travel considerable distances for Piano and Singing lessons, from afar afield as Whittlesey, Stamford, Ketton, Farcet and Bourne, and even from Boston, as well as Peterborough itself, and the surrounding villages, such as Helpston and Eye. They could equally come from Thorney, Wansford, Spalding, Barnack, Newborough and Northorough, Glinton, etc. If you are looking for music lessons in South Kesteven, Rutland, South Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire, then please consider Fergus Black in Peterborough.

The circle shows a 10 mile radius. Many families think it worth the journey!