Fergus Black

music teacher and performer

Music Lessons - Subjects


picture of organ pipes
Fergus Black plays the organ on a Sunday-by-Sunday basis at All Saints in Stamford.

He gives occasional recitals - recently at Burghley House, and in St John's Stamford.


hand on piano keyboard
Fergus Black teaches piano at a number of local schools, including Bourne Grammar School and Copthill School, as well as privately. In the Tips and Tricks section of this web site, you will find a number of articles that demonstrate his approach. He performs regularly as a pianist, playing in concerts and for exams and diplomas.

Aural Tests

picture of a dog with big ears
Fergus Black prepares students for aural tests at Grades 6,7 and 8, and for auditions. Sometimes, other instrumental teachers are reluctant to take their students through practice aural tests for the higher grades - perhaps because of a lack of lesson time, or because the tests need advanced keyboard skills to administer them.


cartoon of child singing
He teaches singing privately, and he runs the Youth Choir at Stamford Arts Centre, and adults’ and children’s choirs at All Saints Church.


picture of someone writing music
Theory is really Musical Literacy – writing music, and understanding how it is put together. Students of ABRSM practical exams need Grade 5 Theory to progress further, but that isn't why they should do it!

There are pages on Theory on this site. Click here. Singers face especial difficulty with Theory - see here.

There are half-term courses on Music Theory.
Lessons usually take place in blocks of ten, in each of the three school terms. Lessons are also available over the Summer. For students who are at public school, lessons are during exeats and holidays.