Many thanks for registering for Online Lessons

ObscureMyEmail to send me an email (using your mail client) or call my mobile number, 07843 058994.

Let's get set up

You will need:
  1. a quiet, appropriate room (NOT a bedroom);
  2. light (shining on you, but not so much behind you);
  3. download the zoom software to join me online when I send you the link;
  4. a camera (on your phone if necessary) - in a fixed position, so that the student is well in view (and for pianists that I can see their hands clearly).
If things still aren’t working as well as you would like, there is lots of advice on this page about improving the quality of the experience:

Can Brahms help?

Elastic bands tying your phone to Brahms is a short term fix, not a permanent solution:
  • It is too low: try and make it a few inches higher, looking slightly down on the keyboard;
  • It is too close. The camera on the phone might be better further away and landscape. A bigger screen is better if I need to demonstrate on the keyboard (e.g. a tablet in landscape);
  • It is on top of the piano speaker. Ouch!

What happens next?

We get in touch with each other to make sure the technology works well at both ends, then we arrange a lesson time.

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