Terms and conditions for online music lessons


I do not issue contracts for online teaching, since payment is made in advance. By booking lessons, you are agreeing to commit to the date and time. Exam and Competition fees, purchase of music, and the provision of pencils and rubbers, are additional.

Missed Lessons

Please try not to miss lessons: if you are ill or working, please give me notice if you can. I would prefer to re-arrange missed lessons, but if we can’t agree a mutually convenient time, I reserve the right to charge.

Singers Exams

If I accompany singers in exams and auditions, I will charge for it, as if it were a lesson.

Online teaching and learning

  • the lesson must be in an appropriate room with an open door (NOT a bedroom);
  • the parents/guardians must provide that one of them or a trusted adult shall be in the same premises as the student while the lesson takes place. For primary school children, I recommend that there is a parent in the room with them;
  • students (and parents) must be dressed appropriately as if it were in the usual school setting;
  • students must use the parents’ or guardians’ own account rather than the child’s. (Please set one up in your (parental) name and under parental control.)
  • All communications must be made with parents via email or other method on a parent’s own device.
  • The parent must make or answer the video call to start the lesson.
You will need:
  1. a quiet, appropriate room (NOT a bedroom);
  2. light (shining on you, but not so much behind you);
  3. a good internet connection (Improve your experience has lots of advice about setting up for online lessons) ;
  4. a camera (on your phone if necessary) - in a fixed position, so that the student is well in view. For piano, so I can see the keyboard clearly.
  5. for singers, you will need some way of playing the backing tracks, not on the device that he is using for the camera. It would probably be better to download them to play them, rather than stream. It doesn’t matter if the sound comes through a speaker or through headphones.
  6. Please don’t put the camera on top of the keyboard speakers!

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