Singing Lessons

If you want to learn to sing, what do you need, and what can you expect in voice lessons?

Progress depends on what happens between lessons, more than at them, so that you need a routine of practice. Secondly you need a singing teacher, or singing, since we all need a second set of ears.

What happens in a singing lesson? Warm-ups and exercises are where vocal lessons should begin, preferably involving the whole body. Songs in different genres, including folk, classical and music theatre, sight-singing, and aural training are all necessary for a course of lessons. Aural training is as important as vocal training.

Although I give singing tuition in only one school now, I have taught singing in Stamford School and Copthill Independent School, AMVC and the Thomas Deacon Academy - including the very young (Year 2) and teenagers (Year 13).

I prioritise new students who sing in choirs. Since I run choirs, I think it is important to support the people who sing in them. Also, I prefer students to take performance opportunities, including piano exams (see here), but I have many students who don’t sit exams.

Please note that for online singing lessons, there are special requirements: you need some way of playing the backing tracks, not on the device that you are using for the camera. It would probably be better to download them to play them, rather than stream. It doesn’t matter if the sound comes through a speaker or through headphones.

With adults, I also work as a vocal coach and accompanist, and I play for a number of singers in opera and song concerts. If you are looking to find a local singing teacher, in Peterborough, for children or teenagers, give me a call. Although, for online lessons, you don’t have to live near me.


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Accompanying a young student in performance.


Fergus Black, Caroline Sharpe (soprano) and Michael Copley (flute) before a concert.


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