Music Theory

I run half-term courses for Grade 5 theory, which has its own web site - it is a 3-day intensive course designed to bring students up to speed with the many aspects of music theory.
Theory is really Musical Literacy – writing music, and understanding how it is put together.

Not recommended for Primary School-age children.


Please look at my resources about music theory:

Notespinner Blog

Here are some of the music theory related articles on my Notespinner blog - thoughts on composing, teaching and performing music.


Quick Tutorial

Your Google Spreadsheet must be divided into titled columns like so:

Data can be grabbed using double curly braces {{ }} like so:



1000, 1200, 5000 . . .

Gsheet will take whatever content placed inside, and
duplicate it for each row in your spreadsheet.

You can simply grab the value for the corresponding row by typing:
{{row.attribute}} or {{row.multiword_value}}

Column titles MUST start with a letter.
Values like {{row.2019}} or {{row.2019_year}} will NOT work




Please look at my resources for music theory:

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